Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love and WAR!

Oh the labor and love of making a children's book. It's the coolest project I've ever attempted, yet it's so difficult to pull the time together to actually do it. When one starts a children's book, I think one should make it their new wife/husband. You must nurture it so that it can nurture you. You must pay it attention, give it time, give it love, understanding, but most of all--- time. This is the problem here people. But I've become aware now, so....

In other news, my album is going to the printers very soon. We're waiting on them to start asking for which files and what files. Release party? Yea! There will be one in Orange County, and one in Napa. It'll be a big "to-do" and art will be around, friends, fun, food. I can't wait to share it with everyone. It sounds nice, you know? It sounds real and nice. Real nice.

I've been laying around with this image for my band, "Orphan Annie". We're on facebook. Look us up, please. :) I want to go all out with this dooder, so I'm taking me time. Think psychedelic, think little orphan Annie, think eyeballs and faces and butterflies and sunbeams. Our music is that.

Friday, August 12, 2011

"The Three Things"

Working on the book, folks! It's going well. Here's a peak at the story boards, much of which are finished. Another sitting to go, then I'll start working on larger sketches, then paintings. So excited!

After working on a couple of books, other author's books, I've realized that it's important to still show your own work around to people, get some ideas, work off each other, because if you do not, you'll be your only critic, and the product will suffer. I had a dear friend come over to draw with me today, it I threw a few ideas at her, she gave me great advice, great suggestions, and I can already tell the story board is moving well!

In other news, still painting, playing music, etc. Going to Colorado to play some gigs and see some friends. Bought a rad new sketchbook that just makes me want to sketch every day in it. How awesome is that?

"Through you nature becomes aware of itself. Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years." -Eckhart Tolle



Monday, August 1, 2011

More Paintings

I haven't posted for a few weeks, but I HAVE been painting. It's in me now, and I can't stop! I've started more pieces for some future shows, and also a study for a children's book, as well as a painting for a friend (the Buddah). It's been fun seeing how different each painting turns out, and I will continue to just "let it happen". Sometimes it is more cartoony, sometimes more decorative, sometimes neither.

There's some great illustrator-ish events coming up. The O.C. Shmooze on August 13th, and the OC Kid's Book Fair October 2nd. I went to that event last year and had a blast. Great authors, illustrators, tons of books to buy and have signed by the authors. I'm just thankful I have these events accessible and close by. Until then, more painting, and more children's books. Love to all!

A study for a friend's story called, "Around the Block". He's signed a contract, so it'll be published and it's an absolutely lovely piece of work! I might not do the illustrations, but I love that I'll have this painting sketch with a little bit of his story to show around or just hang up in my room.
Painting for a dear friend. He's been a spiritual guide and pal so he deserves a little something. It's the least I can do!
One of a series of 4-5 quote pieces. But these are on the smaller side. About 4" x 4". Ruby slippers being painted as we speak!
Regular 10" x 10", like the rest. This is my favorite thrift store cat statue. A more decorative piece, but still includes a quote sure to inspire you each day.