Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Stones

I'm in a CD exchange group, where one person makes a mixed CD for about 12 other people each month, and mails them out. I've gotten two so far, and it's introduced me to so much new music. Best part is, I know some of them, and most others, I don't know, so it's fun to receive a CD of someone's favorite music, that I've never met. Kind of like reading a story. I can imagine how the person looks and speaks based on the music they've given me.

So my CD is based on stone. I was inspired by a few songs, and ended up finding a lot more that relate to stone and the grave mood that follows it. I think of celtic stories, anger, waiting, loneliness. It should be a nice mix for the moody weather coming up, and I'm hoping it has an element of magic that will make people close their eyes when they listen--- become completely absorbed in the story of each song.

The artwork above is the ink line for the album art. I decided to have fun with it and make a little treasure of a CD. I'll post the finished artwork when it's ready. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Progress, my dears!

Wheeze book getting closer, everybody! I've been working on the page layouts with the author, placing everything, adjusting images, and it's finally coming together. The spread above is a sketch of the last two page spread in the book. I can't wait for you all to se the finished product.

I have been working away on the new book. Since it's my second go, I've made smarter choices, and I'm labeling my pages, and drawing them on complete, full pages of paper. No more line down the middle. No more confusion of what text goes with what image. This time it's smooth sailing (for the most part), and a lot of fun!

Ricky (the author) and I are still working out how we are going to get the book out there. Do we go with this company, or the other company. I think, because we're so torn, we might just go with both. It's our first time, and we just want to get the book out there so people can read it. There are so many companies that can help you edit and print; ...... ....... even googling "self publish your children's book" will turn up ideas. I'm so excited that I'm going to stop here and talk about all this another time. Maybe once I have the jewel in my hands, I'll finally feel relieved. I just want this book done, y'all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grease poster

Go Grease Lightening.....MY alma mater- Broadway Bound Kids, is performing Grease. I was so lucky to be asked to design a poster for them. It was fun, and something different. Anyone in town interested, go see GREASE!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Day at the FAIR!

Went to the O.C Kids book fair this past Sunday. Anyone who loves books- loves to buy books, hear people read from books, or just be around books--- should go to this year.

I bought a few new reads myself. Two YA novels (I can't help it! I love the fantasy and Sci Fi!!!) and I will be enjoying them with a cup of tea and this nice cool weather we've been having. Very moody.

The first one I bought was "Inside Out" by Maria V. Snyder.

It's new newest novel, and looks pretty cool. Think City of Ember, contained, Fallout. I'm
excited to see what the world is like.

The next book with be a guilty pleasure:
Lauren Kate's "Fallen" sounded good because there were so many fans there to hear her read,
and what she read was entertaining. Even the book sellers at the booths recommended it.

In other news, we're still working on the Wheeze story and trying to get it together to send to publishing. It is a labor of love, but it'll come together soon. We're looking at,, and another indi publishing place to help get the book out there. There are so many opportunities to get the work to the public, you would be surprised. I'm starting to believe that if you want to make a book, make a book. Don't think that someone has to ask you to or pay you to. just do it and use all the free tools to send it out into the world. There are no boundaries!