Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Stones

I'm in a CD exchange group, where one person makes a mixed CD for about 12 other people each month, and mails them out. I've gotten two so far, and it's introduced me to so much new music. Best part is, I know some of them, and most others, I don't know, so it's fun to receive a CD of someone's favorite music, that I've never met. Kind of like reading a story. I can imagine how the person looks and speaks based on the music they've given me.

So my CD is based on stone. I was inspired by a few songs, and ended up finding a lot more that relate to stone and the grave mood that follows it. I think of celtic stories, anger, waiting, loneliness. It should be a nice mix for the moody weather coming up, and I'm hoping it has an element of magic that will make people close their eyes when they listen--- become completely absorbed in the story of each song.

The artwork above is the ink line for the album art. I decided to have fun with it and make a little treasure of a CD. I'll post the finished artwork when it's ready. Cheers!

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