Monday, March 10, 2008

You wanna play Truth?

I thought I would offer my artist statement to the few of you that view this site. I was encouraged (forced) to write about my own philosophy of art-making. I can truly say I am happy (satisfied) with the end result. Regardless, the content is honest (honest) and I hope it hints to the truth behind why I have chosen this profession.

When I make Art, I feel alive. There is a personal need to re-create the good and fascinating feelings of everyday life through a visual medium. Whether it is paint, pen, or pencil, the medium will show just how the moment had caressed the skin, delighted the eyes, and charged the soul.

In the process of making art, the work becomes a prayer, an unknown, focused activity, with a goal in mind, yet the prayer and discovery during the process lead to a transformation of that goal. The paintings take on their own language and, in the end, enlighten the soul about life.
The drawings of my exhausted roommates, completely dead from their mountains of schoolwork, are due to contemplation of the trials of my generation. I look at my classmates and I do not see any passion for education. Instead, I see zombies hugging their computers and i-pods tightly, worrying about money and deadlines when, ultimately, they should be loving life and learning. Our society needs to change its motives, and find a reason to live, a reason that does not require satisfaction through material consumption. Perhaps painting faces devoid of expression will show my peers how sickly they look, how utterly thrashed they have become. If only they could realize….

I believe I was born to observe the world around me; the people who walk by every day, all from different homes with different parents and different futures. Observation fuels the paint, and acts as a mirror, showing the world who they are, and how glorious life really is.

---Andrea H. Ruygt

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Chapter

So. Now is a new chapter of my life. I am choosing to live a total-vegitarian, if not semi-vegan, lifestyle and I have much more confidence in my future. I feel clear and clean, and energized! Joe's class is also proving to be progressive and successful for there are new discoveries every week. This paintings above were a focus on light and color. I chose to do something different: paint a solid and creamy blue background. I am quite happy with the results.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Below you'll see some concept art for my friends Zombie Flick. It's been in the works for a while and so have the concepts. Hopefully more will be on the way!