Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You Ain't Seen Me....

Believe it or not, I have been productive- even if my blog doesn't show it.  I have a new love from something graphic, the largest canvas I've every worked on in progress, and a newly rearranged room.


I'll share a couple ditties I've done recently with my new favorite technique- linocuts and print making!!  Below are two things: a business card for a friend who makes jewelry (, and a Christmas Card for a little contest I endered.

I just love the idea of linocuts and the way they always turn out.  I'm a sucker for the handmade, old world feel.

The painting I'm working on it a secret because.... it's all about secrets.  I'll share it with you when it's further along but I have to say, it feel GOOD to work BIG!

Happy Dreaming!  Later Gators.