Monday, August 6, 2012

Website website website!!!  Arrrrg.  Months, well, weeks, of frustration, and headaches to present you something rather simple, not resembling any of my time and efforts.  Looked like someone computer illiterate could have put it together but... hey.  I have a strange love for grooming myself and branding my media, but I also hate sitting in front of a screen alll day.

If I signed up for a dating website, I would include that I get cabin fever and act like a 6 year old, banging and whining on the floor.  "I want to go outside!"

But look- here it is, a website for all and especially for me.

You know why I finally put up my website?  To direct all the calls I was getting and emails, asking to look at my beautiful work.


Actually.... it was to try and get a graphic design job for month while I was desperate, and now it's become quite a nice portfolio website.  Please enjoy and happy art making!