Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Steps

You have to take Baby Steps, but when you do, you get stronger, and more confident. That's how I feel. Each show I learn more, become more confident, grow technically, and I'm inspired! It just makes me ready to do another one as soon as I can. I loved getting ready for this show, and I love the people who put it together. I sold three pieces, and got a great response from everyone.
They loved the book marks.... :)
Thanks so EVERYONE who helped, came and supported, and to everyone I love and loves me back. You are the reason why I can make art with confidence- because you believe in me. :)

Here's to many more shows!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Let's start with the most important part- promotional materials. Just kidding (snort snort). It's all about the art! But here's the artistic way I'll be displaying my artistic handmade business cards for my artistic art show. It took a long time to make this little book mark babies, but I wanted my business card to be special, original, and useful.

Some drawings in their cloudy grey colored frames. Ink on bristol paper.
Book Babies!

And here's the lot. My paintings, drawings, book marks, and decor for my show. It's whimsical alright- and I love it! Here's to a great show!

Been painting... yada yada yada. Been busy and can barely post this picture. But here's the first go at a painting of my friend Sean. Needs to be worked on, but it's a bold, bright panting style, and I'm having a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More! More! MORE!

More of these little beauties! That's right! There's a show coming up October 14th at the Back Bay Center with Gallery 212, and I will be selling and displaying my "Quote- based" paintings with several interesting and admirable quotes like last time. I'm playing with shadow images, images I'm making by theoretically erasing paint and seeing what animal or face comes out of it. It's fun, for sure, and why not? There's so much to explore with the paint, I can't help but want to try it all.

Here are some finished, some in progress. Enjoy.