Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trees, all around.

Here's an illustration for a short story I did with my friend, Brent.  Check out what we do together at, a nice little blog that will encourage both of us to work off each other and stay current with children's lit and illustration.  I really love how this piece turned out, and can't wait to do more.  I'm going to LA SCBWI convention this summer and want to build up a strong portfolio.  Here's to working hard...AND overtime!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Blue House

The Blue House.

     I was walking on a path lined with wildflowers and brush in San Diego one day, I started to force myself to tell a story- just to see what came out- to see if my brain could let out a little color. It's good exercise you know- walking for one, and storytelling.  It works the bod AND the brain.  No matter how silly or under developed the story might feel, it is always good practice.  I thought of something far from forgettable in my opinion, because it caused a whole spur of plots and was worthy of an illustration.  

     It's nothing more than a blue house in the middle of a valley, surrounded by skinny trees and silent hills.  It appears to those who need to understand something about each other.  It happens to be there when two children meet for the first time, when they fall in love, when they fight, when they get lost, when they can't find their way home.  

The Blue house is where all those things happen that change you.  

Where you feel like life is happening and nothing can stop it.

Find your blue house and visit it often.  Or, let it find you.

Although I will always post here, I have started a blog with my dear friend Brent.  It's a blog that will allow for portfolio practice, story and idea development, and building a following.   Please take a look inside!
Happy dreaming!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Your Old Things Remind You....

Was drawing last night.  My sketchbook is my visual diary.  Thanks, sketchbook, for being there for me!