Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Portrait

Working on a Portrait show. A show of portraits. This will be with my fellow artist and partner in crime, Mellissa. Here's some progress, of course it's out of order but who the heck cares?! Take a look into the uncanny valley and see my head on a wood board. That's not me, I swear. More to follow, when the piece is finished!


Some logo comps I made for a friend from Denver. He's coaching a debate team and they wanted a classy logo with the denver skyline and city structure included. Denver was a great time--- just got back a week ago. It felt likt time had stopped while I was over there, but when I got back, so much had happened!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've taken myself away from my daily life in order to get a few things done.

1. Write some darned music.
2. Finish the dummy for this Children's book, already!

Here's some progress pictures. They are both rough color studies, but I can't believed I've never done studies before- they're going to make the finished work so much easier to map out.

I'm having fun here. Playing a lot of music and having the free time to go for bike rides, paint, watch a lot of TV which feels quite wrong but, hey... things that are scarce should be enjoyed and valued once in a while, even if they aren't the most productive of things.

But I realize life is what you make it. I know this fantasy of free time can't last, but I can make time for all the stuff I love, and it's definitely important to be able to do what you love, and not live to just pay your bills, or make the next purchase. Time time time. It's an illusion I know, but it's our functioning world.

Well, love to all. Peace and fun for sure! I wish these things for you and me. See you soon with a finished dummy!